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See Rigidized® Metals at MMTS 2022

Since 1940, Rigid-tex® has been the trusted name and the standard for deep textured metals. Family owned and operated for over 80 years, Rigidized® Metals Corporation proudly produces Rigid-tex® metals in Buffalo, NY, USA.

From serving the war effort in the 1940s to providing solutions for transportation and aerospace today, Rigid-tex® metals can be found in a wide array of applications such as food processing, packaging and material handling, truck and trailer bodies, bumpers and steps, mezzanines, and catering vehicles.

Rigid-tex® metal has been designed to scientifically redistribute standard sheet metal in three dimensions. Available in ferrous or non-ferrous metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and titanium, Rigid-tex® can be provided in sheet, strip, or coil. Enhanced performance and appearance over plain flat-rolled metal equates to stronger, lighter, better looking, and longer lasting metal for your unique application.

  • Rigid-tex® saves metal and money – A prime advantage of Rigid-tex® metal is its strength. It’s stronger than plain flat-rolled metal because of its three-dimensional design. It has greater strength in all directions in contrast with corrugated metal, which has increased strength in only one direction. Consequently, when Rigid-tex® metal is used in place of ordinary metal, lighter gauges can be substituted, reducing weight and saving metal without sacrificing strength. Rigid-tex® metal provides as much as 108% greater rigidity, 70% greater buckling strength, 39% greater impact resistance, and 92% greater tensile strength than the original flat metal, depending on selection of material and pattern. 
  • Rigid-tex® is metal for motion – Deep textured Rigid-tex® metal reduces surface tension and friction for the processing of paper, film, and food products, in many instances, eliminating the need for expensive and high maintenance mechanical processes. 
  • Rigid-tex® looks better longer – The texture of Rigid-tex® metal conceals scratches, smudges, and fingerprints so that cleaning and maintenance are greatly reduced.

When Rigidized® Metals Corporation, originally Rigid-tex® Corporation, was founded in 1940, its main thrust was to provide deep textured metal for industrial applications. Today, over 80 years later, with its third generation of family-owned leadership, Rigidized® Metals Corporation continues to lead the world in the development and production of these engineered surfaces, now used in architectural, industrial, and transportation applications.

Quality, performance, and responsiveness define the Rigid-tex®/customer relationship and we know those words have specific meaning to manufacturers and suppliers. We understand and can respond to the specific technical and logistical requirements of today’s industry. We customize solutions for industry and customer-specific requirements in the following areas:

  • Material sourcing
  • Component fabrication
  • Custom packing
  • Quality programs
  • Project-specific testing
  • Customized inventory management
  • JIT/Kanban program integration

While the range of applications has grown exponentially to include everything from transportation, food processing, and elevator panels to restroom partitions, building facades, and commercial and residential kitchens and dining, Rigidized® Metals Corporation continues to offer the same great products that originally put us on the map. Our advancements in technology, engineering, and fabrication have led us to differentiate our application offerings and provide more industry-specific brands, bringing the industrial portion of our organization back to its roots with the Rigid-tex® brand.