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Fast Forward: The Best of MMTS 2022

Relive the innovation, the insight, and the excitement of MMTS 2022. Our recap video distills the essence of the event, showcasing the moments and movements that are shaping the future of manufacturing. Dive into a brief journey through the heart of industry innovation—where yesterday's dreams meet tomorrow's reality.




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Brochures stick to the basics. Videos only tell part of the story. The best way to learn about a new product is to see it directly. Come visit the MMTS and meet more than 200 Canadian manufacturing equipment suppliers and manufacturers, all under one roof.

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Are you ready for the new world of manufacturing? Today’s manufacturers face challenges from powerful forces as technology, social, environmental, economic, and market trends converge, testing the resolve of even the strongest companies.



The SME ZONE is the nerve center of everything happening at MMTS. Major attractions will be hosted in the SME ZONE.

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