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Small Quebec Town Positions Itself for North America's Semiconductor Boom

Bromont, Quebec, might be viewed as a pleasant ski town with plenty of parks and a big lake. But the booming semiconductor industry and recent plans of the leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico are set to give the area a reputation as a bustling hub of high-tech activity.

The 50-year-old Bromont IBM plant next to the city’s tiny airport has generated a microchip ecosphere that is set to create more high-skilled jobs in the area as the industry scrambles to produce more computer chips in North America.

The Bromont facility is IBM’s only Canadian plant and is the company’s largest semiconductor and assembly facility, creating a line of 200 different high-tech products. The bustling factory has also inspired other chip-related facilities to open nearby, including its neighbors on Airport Boulevard, C2MI and Teledyne Dalsa Semiconductor.

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