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Laser Tracker Certification Centre Opens in Montreal

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the opening of a dedicated Hexagon certification centre in Montreal, Canada, in cooperation with its strategic partner Amrikart Ultraprecision. The new facility will be situated in Amrikart’s Technology Center located in the greater Montreal area. The center will serve as a nationwide Leica Absolute Tracker calibration laboratory for servicing new or pre-owned laser trackers. The certification laboratory is supported by Amrikart’s highly experienced, Hexagon-trained service engineers. Hexagon’s calibration process ensures the equipment remains in top condition to minimize downtime and maintain accurate measurement results throughout the lifetime of a laser tracker. Amrikart develops and integrates innovative, user-friendly metrology solutions for advanced manufacturing and automation utilizing Hexagon technologies to build confidence in product quality.

“It is a privilege to partner with Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, a world leader in high precision metrology solutions. The Canadian manufacturing industry is increasingly exploiting new generation technologies such as Hexagon’s Leica Absolute Tracker systems serving as critical components in production chains across the country. The new dedicated Canadian certification center will ensure reliable, countrywide support and improve the availability of 3D metrology solutions. We are thrilled and proud to leverage 30 years of experience as users and integrators of laser tracker technology to launch a certification center supporting our current and future customers,” said Jeremy Arpin-Pont, General Manager of Amrikart Ultraprecision.

“Hexagon is extremely pleased to expand our support for Canadian customers in the best and most efficient way possible. We have a great partner in Amrikart Ultraprecision, master users of Leica laser tracker technologies for many years. It only made sense to partner with Amrikart to open a Hexagon Absolute Tracker calibration lab in support of our large installed base across Canada. The new lab eliminates the need to ship systems across the border for certification and calibrations,” states David Hill, Commercial Operations Manager – Canada, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division.

Amrikart Ultraprecision, founded in 1988, is part of the Amrikart Group, and specializes in a growing branch of metrology, that of high-precision dimensional measurement and positioning.  Amrikart offers complete 3D measurement and alignment services as well as turnkey automated solutions to improve the manufacturing and assembly of small to large-scale products.

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